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17 Oct What You Need to Know About Assault Charges in Brooklyn

New York is unique in that it refers to assault as the acts of hitting, biting, kicking and otherwise physically touching someone; many other states refer to that as battery. The most important thing you can do to protect yourself is to work with an...

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17 Oct New York’s Crackdowns on DWI

Just before the last 4th of July weekend, Governor Cuomo announced a huge crackdown on DWIs throughout New York. Checkpoints, DWI patrols and other efforts were in full swing, leading to hundreds of traffic stops. Because the state considered the whole operation a resounding success,...

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11 Oct What are the consequences for domestic violence?

If you’re convicted and New York State doesn’t have expungement, which means that if you’re convicted your stuck with the criminal record. New York State does not have expungement which means that you will always have this criminal record. Besides having a criminal record, your...

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11 Oct My spouse called the cops on me, what should I do?

Don’t panic but don’t stay there. Cause what’s going to happen is the police will arrest you and you will not have had an opportunity to lawyer up and call me. Generally what happens is that husband and wife for same sex partners or lovers...

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