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Canarsie Speeding Ticket Lawyer

The fines and points that follow a speeding ticket can mean big consequences for your future. Beat your ticket with help from an experienced Canarsie speeding ticket lawyer.

Receiving a speeding ticket can have devastating financial consequences. In addition to the fines and penalties, your driving privileges might be at stake. A ticket doesn’t automatically make you guilty, however.


Getting a speeding ticket dismissed or reduced isn’t a simple process, however. This is just one of the reasons it’s best to let a qualified Canarsie speeding ticket lawyer from the Law Office of James Medows help you through the legal proceedings.

Speeding Ticket Point Penalties in New York

Speeding ticket penalties vary depending on the number of miles per hour you were traveling over the speed limit. One of the most significant penalties for this type of ticket is getting points added to your drivers license, which in turn can cause you a variety of problems. In terms of points, you’ll receive the following totals for a speeding violation:


  • Three points for traveling 1–10 mph over the limit
  • Four points for traveling 11–20 mph over the limit
  • Six points for traveling 21–30 mph over the limit
  • Eight points for traveling 31–40 mph over the limit
  • Eleven points for traveling 40 mph over the limit

Other Penalties for Speeding Violations

Drivers who accumulate six points within an eighteen-month period will be placed in the driver assessment program, which comes with additional surcharges. You will also be charged a fine of $100 per year for three years. The total per year increases by $25 for each point over six you receive.


Accumulating eleven points places you in danger of license suspension. In order to avoid suspension, you must take a point and insurance reduction program (PIRP) course approved by the New York Department of Motor Vehicles. This program will reduce the point total used to determine a suspension by four points. The points will not actually come off your record, however.


Fortunately, no matter how small or large the penalties are, an experienced Canarsie speeding ticket lawyer from our firm might be able to get them lowered or even dismissed.

Defending Against Speeding Tickets

Paying your ticket without going to court means you are pleading guilty and giving up your right to a trial. Prosecutors know that many people will just pay the fines, but there are consequences to doing so.


The excessive surcharges, high points on your license, potential suspensions, higher insurance premiums, and state fines can all add up and cause great financial hardship. Losing your license—especially if you have a commercial drivers license—may even cost you your job.


This all makes it critical to fight your speeding ticket, as your future wellbeing very well could depend on it.

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