Canadian Drivers Issued NYC Traffic Tickets


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Canadian Drivers Issued NYC Traffic Tickets

With the U.S.-Canada border so close to the city,manyCanadian drivers travel into NYC regularly. Whether you commute to work every day or pass through occasionally, you may find yourself on the receiving end of a NYC traffic ticket. If you do, you may be wondering how a ticket in New York can affect you.

Canadian Drivers Issued NYC Traffic Tickets
New York and Canada Share Driver Information

Although Canada and the United States have very different legal systems and procedures, New York and Canada do share driver information with one another. The state of New York transfers all notices of conviction for traffic offenses to Ontario and Quebec. The provinces use this information to apply demerit points to your driving record.

New York supplies the appropriate Canadian province with the following information:

The name of the driver who was ticketed
The time and place where the ticket was issued
The offense for which the driver was convicted

Drivers who receive a traffic ticket in New York are presumed innocent until they either admit guilt by paying the ticket or are found guilty in traffic court. This means that if you simply pay your NYC traffic ticket without contesting it, you are ensuring that you’ll receive the corresponding demerit points on your Canadian driver’s license.

To avoid the expenses associated with a New York traffic conviction, it may be in your best interest to fight the ticket. Working with a NYC traffic ticket lawyer who has experience defending Canadian drivers can increase your likelihood of a favorable outcome. Depending on circumstances, your attorney may be able to have your charges dropped or reduced.
Costs of a New York Traffic Ticket for Canadian Drivers

Once you add up the additional expenses stemming from being convicted of a moving violation, you may find that contesting the ticket is a worthy effort.

In addition to the fine itself, you may have to pay:

Surcharges and other fees that may apply
Higher insurance premiums due to the demerit points on your license
Possible late fines if you don’t pay or contest the ticket before the due date
Possible driver responsibility assessment fees (with six or more NY-issued points)

Additionally, you may face suspension or revocation of your license. The province in which you live sets the number of demerit points that result in a loss of driving privileges. The expenses associated with having your license reinstated can mount up quickly.

Only Ontario and Quebec share reciprocity with New York.
New York’s Driver Responsibility Assessment

As a Canadian driver, you may not know about New York’s driver responsibility assessment fee. If you are licensed in New York, Ontario or Quebec, accumulating six points or more in any 18-month period means you’ll have to pay $100 per year for three years. For every point above six, the expense goes up by $25 per year.
Defending Canadian Drivers

Residents of Quebec or Ontario may find making an appearance in traffic court especially inconvenient. Fortunately, in most cases you will not have to appear in court if you retain an attorney. This can be an enormous benefit to busy commuters.

Working with an experienced New York traffic ticket lawyer will not only make contesting a ticket more convenient, but may also help you obtain a more favorable result.

Most people, without the benefit of a lawyer’s counsel, appear in traffic court and simply try to dispute the facts put forth by the police officer. Such efforts are often unsuccessful. Arguments based on legal principals and precedents tend to result in a better outcome for the motorist.

Seasoned traffic court attorneys like James Medows are experienced at cross-examining police officers in court. A qualified attorney is also knowledgeable about recent precedents and about how certain judges tend to rule on particular types of cases.

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