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17 Jun Can NYC Officers Issue Speeding Tickets Outside of the City?

When you’re pulled over by a police officer, you might have been heading out of New York City and off to your home. You were outside the city limits, but you noticed that the officer was an NYC cop.

Now, you’re asking, “Can NYC officers issue speeding tickets outside of the city?” You may be concerned about paying for your speeding ticket, and so you need a way to avoid the charges and get your life back to normal. Reach out for help from an attorney when you’ve received a speeding ticket.

New York City Police Jurisdiction

Typically, police officers have jurisdiction over certain areas, which determines where they can patrol and what precinct they report to. This keeps the police force balanced across the state and helps officers of certain jurisdictions maintain their records.

However, this doesn’t mean that they have no legal right to issue speeding tickets outside their police jurisdiction. NYC officers may issue tickets anywhere in the state.

One of the issues with maintaining strict jurisdictions is that these are invisible lines that can make it tough to issue tickets. Because this could affect ticketing practices, New York City police may cross into neighboring districts to issue tickets.

Fighting a Speeding Ticket

Fortunately, you don’t have to accept the speeding ticket and plead guilty just because an officer spotted you speeding. Instead, you may be able to fight your ticket with a NYC lawyer’s help. They can guide you through your speeding ticket case and help you get the charges dropped.

For example, you may be able to fight back because the officer wasn’t in New York City. In many cases, officers of the NYPD may issue a ticket outside of the city limits, but they must have seen the incident occur. If they fail to physically observe it, they cannot issue a ticket. If the officer didn’t clearly see you speeding, you may be able to fight back against their testimony.

Other speeding defenses may work, as well. For example, if you were pulled over for traveling above the speed that is considered safe for the weather conditions, you may be able to argue that you were driving safely. For example, if you were driving the speed limit in the rain, you may argue that you were taking the necessary precautions, such as turning on your headlights and focusing on the road.

Issued a New York Speeding Ticket? Our Lawyers Can Help

Although you may not be able to get your speeding ticket dismissed because a New York City officer was outside the city limits, you may be able to fight back with a strong speeding ticket defense. Your attorney from the Law Office of James Medows can help by gathering evidence and representing you in NYC traffic court.

If you’re concerned about whether NYC officers can issue speeding tickets outside of the city, reach out for help, starting with a free claim consult. Call 917-477-4749 or complete the following online form.