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10 Dec Can I try to pay the officer to get out of a ticket?

Can I try to pay the officer to get out of a ticket?

It is possible, but there’s really no way of knowing whether or not it will work. You can try offering him $50, or even $100, but there are no guarantees he won’t take you up on that offer and then take it upon himself to report that money as found property and claim he never gave it back to you. Of course, if he just lets you go without giving any money or paperwork that would be ideal, but again nothing is guaranteed. If they did give any paperwork at all I would make sure I had proof of payment from them in addition to their handwriting proving they signed off.

When you’re pulled over, don’t try to pay an officer off—it’s not worth it. Generally, if an officer is willing to accept money for a ticket, it means he or she was in some way caught breaking protocol and wants his/her actions overlooked. Instead of showing any visible form of payment when you get pulled over (cash, checks, credit cards), put that out of sight but still easily accessible in case you end up getting pulled over multiple times during one trip—especially in large cities like NYC. Officers tend to take care of people who seem like they might be able to afford taking care of them.

Many New Yorkers believe that they can save time and money by taking care of their ticket directly with an officer, or by pleading guilty in court. Not only is it illegal to haggle over fines (in fact, some officers will arrest those who attempt it), but courts are notoriously unfriendly towards foreigners who plead guilty without understanding their legal rights. Don’t take chances with your driving record; just pay a fine before anything bad happens.

The best advice here is don’t. This practice is called pay and pray, as in pay and pray that he or she doesn’t come down hard on you later. If an officer tells you they are going to hit you with a ticket if they catch you speeding again, tell them thanks but no thanks – pay only if there is certainty. But make sure they give it to your insurance company (or if there is no other option, directly to DMV) so that their records reflect that any fine was paid and not just ignored. Otherwise, it will stay on your record until it can be removed.