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09 Oct Busted – Getting Caught with Drugs in Brooklyn

The flashing lights. The moment of panic.

“I’m getting caught with drugs.”  Brooklyn police are frisking you and, before you can even come up with a reason, they’ve found what you were carrying.

Whether the drugs were yours, someone else’s, or you were intending to sell them, the fact remains:
you were caught with drugs and now you need some help.

Getting Caught with Drugs: What Happens Next?

When you’re caught with drugs, you’ll generally be taken into police custody. Your first call should be to a criminal defense lawyer (don’t worry; you can ask your lawyer to call your family members to let them know where you are).

If you’ve been charged with drug possession, your attorney will probably have a lot of questions for you. He needs to ask tough questions because he’s using your answers to build a defense strategy – and the more information you provide, the better he can defend you in court.

Possible Drug Possession Penalties in New York

Some NY drug possession charges are considered felonies, and many of these drug offenses carry serious penalties. Whether you were caught with marijuana, cocaine, meth or any other drug (including prescription painkillers that aren’t prescribed to you), you could end up serving time behind bars. It’s important to know that simple drug possession charges are different from drug trafficking charges, which may carry even harsher sentences.

What Your Attorney Might Advise

Sometimes seeking treatment for a drug addiction can help a judge look more favorably upon your case. If you’ve had a problem with drugs in the past, your lawyer might tell you to look for rehabilitation options so that you can show the judge you’ve taken initiative. Your attorney will always tell you to stay out of trouble while you’re awaiting sentencing, and that might mean distancing yourself from family or friends who always seem to be tangled in criminal activities.

Remember, though, you’re not alone. Your lawyer will help you throughout the entire process. His job is to help minimize the impact that being caught with drugs will have on your future, so it’s important that you follow his guidance.

This is a transcription of an interview with James Medows.