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Brooklyn Tailgating Ticket Lawyer

Tailgating, or following too closely, can be an extremely costly ticket. The penalties can go beyond fines and court appearances, reaching into your professional and personal lives.


If you have been ticketed for a tailgating violation, you need a Brooklyn tailgating ticket lawyer from the Law Office of James Medows to help you determine how to beat your traffic citation.

What Is Tailgating?

Tailgating is a major problem in every city, but New York City may be king. The danger of following too closely is that you may not be able to stop in time, but there are many times that police hand out these tickets based on just one glance at your car.


There are many possible reasons that you may technically be following too closely that are not your fault. When this happens, you shouldn’t be punished with an expensive ticket.

Penalties for Following Too Closely in Brooklyn

There are several penalties you face if you are convicted or plead guilty to a tailgating charge, and the fine of $93 to $543—depending on whether this is the first or third violation—is just one of them.


You will also get four points assessed to your license, which is how New York tracks and punishes traffic offenses. Reaching six points in eighteen months earns you an annual driver responsibility assessment of $100, plus $25 for every point over six. This surcharge is an annual fee that continues for three years.


At eleven points, you lose your drivers license and face extra fines and fees. Losing your license can cause havoc in your family’s lives—as well as with your professional life. Getting to work to pay these fines is hard without the ability to drive, and driving without a license carries even more extreme punishments, including jail time.


This is why you need to fight every traffic ticket. You must protect yourself and your family from these unnecessarily harsh consequences.

Insurance Costs and a Tailgating Ticket

You’re also going to have to deal with your insurance company if you simply plead guilty to the tailgating offense. They’ll raise your rates, and they have their own point schedule, which allows them to continue basing your premium on infractions that have long since fallen off your license.


This means that your premiums can remain high for a very long time. The insurer could also decline to renew your coverage, and eventually you may only be eligible for high-risk insurance policies that cost fortunes for the most basic of coverage.

Fight Your Tailgating Ticket

If you’ve been ticketed for following too closely in the Brooklyn area, you can fight your citation and come out on top. The first step is to contact a tailgating ticket lawyer from the Law Office of James Medows.


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