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A traffic light ticket can cause you significant problems down the line if you simply admit guilt. Instead, fight your ticket with help from a Brooklyn red light ticket lawyer.

We all think we can make it through a yellow light—that it will stay yellow for another second longer—just long enough to avoid a ticket. This time you weren’t so lucky, however. Either a red-light camera got you or an officer pulled you over, and it makes a huge difference which one it was.


The fines can be costly, and they will quickly mount, which is why you should treat every traffic ticket you receive as the one that will get your drivers license suspended. Before you make any decisions or statements, you should speak with a Brooklyn red light ticket lawyer from the Law Office of James Medows about how to build a defense against your traffic light violation.


Red Light Laws in Brooklyn

The rules are fairly simple. If any part of your car was either inside the intersection or past the stop or crosswalk line when the light was yellow, then you shouldn’t be ticketed. If not, then a case can be made that you just ran a red light. There are a few times that you can treat a red light differently, however.


Right on Red

If it is safe to turn right at a red light, you are free to do so, unless it is a red arrow. This is a common rule in most states, although New York City allows no right turns at red lights unless a sign shows that it is permitted.

Left on Red

Turning left at a red light is legal, as long as both streets involved are one-way streets and no signs prohibit doing so.


Penalties for Running a Traffic Light

If you are convicted of running a red light, the penalties will depend on the population of the city in which you received the ticket. Because New York City has well over one million inhabitants, you will be up against the maximum penalties. Furthermore, the fines you face will be based on the number of traffic violations you have received within an eighteen-month window.


  • First Offense – $100–$300
  • Second Offense – $200–$500
  • Third Offense – $500–$1,000

Regardless of which offense you are on, you will receive three points on your license, so if you get just two moving violations within that window, you will have to begin paying an annual surcharge of $100 that lasts for three years. This is expensive, but what is worse is that you will already be halfway to losing your license at eleven points.


Red-Light Cameras

Everything detailed above applies when a police officer pulls you over and tickets you, as opposed to a red-light camera ticket. These are legal for the state to use, but there are several defenses against these tickets. Also, it is only a $50 fine, does not add points to your license, won’t be on your driving record, and shouldn’t make your insurance rates increase.


Contact a Brooklyn Traffic Light Violation Lawyer

No matter how you received your red light ticket, you should fight it. The points will add up and cost you hundreds of dollars—and your citation could get you suspended from driving entirely.


You should discuss your case with a Brooklyn red light ticket lawyer from the Law Office of James Medows before you make a decision on how to proceed. Call or text us at 917-856-1247 or fill out the form on this page to schedule your free and confidential consultation.

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