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Brooklyn Improper Passing Ticket Lawyer

Getting any traffic ticket is a hassle, and improper passing charges are no different. Besides the frustration and cost, you also have to think about the number of points that will be added to your license, which is why it’s always a good idea to challenge every ticket.


If you have been ticketed for a passing offense, you need to contact a Brooklyn improper passing ticket lawyer from the Law Office of James Medows. We can build a solid defense to protect your license and your finances.

Improper Passing and Lane Changing Penalties in Brooklyn

Improper passing can come in many forms. The most common occurs when you cross a solid yellow line to pass a vehicle moving slower than yours, but other examples include passing in unsafe conditions or simple improper lane changes, such as crossing a solid line at an intersection.


A passing ticket can be expensive and carries a three-point penalty. Driving points are how most states, including New York, track and punish traffic violations. If you reach six points within eighteen months, you will have to pay a three-year annual driver responsibility assessment fee, also known as a surcharge.


This surcharge will be a minimum of $300, plus $25 for every point over six that you accrue. If you reach eleven points in that same eighteen-month window, then your license may be revoked, and you could receive a suspension fee of $50.

Insurance Rate Hikes After a Passing Ticket

The points from a passing ticket will also affect your insurance premiums, although most insurance companies use their own system to assign points and their duration.


These differences can cause rate increases that last much longer than eighteen months, and they can eventually cost you thousands of dollars over time.


Even if you take point-reduction classes, your insurance company will probably not recognize the dropped points and will still charge you extra. A Brooklyn passing ticket lawyer from our office can help you keep your rates where they are by beating your citation.

Long-term Costs of a Lane-Change Ticket

The heavy fines are bad enough, but losing your drivers license can cause chaos in your personal and professional lives. You need to work to pay the ticket’s fine and surcharges, but how can you work if you lost your driving privileges?


You might also face personal and professional repercussions from losing your license. Your career can be negatively affected, your colleagues and friends may treat you differently, and your family will not be happy with the situation at all.


It is very important to fight every traffic ticket as though it were the one that would cost you your license. The best chance for beating your ticket is working with an attorney experienced in passing offenses.

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