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25 Jan Brooklyn Traffic Courts and Criminal Courts

Brooklyn Traffic Courts and Criminal Courts

Both Brooklyn criminal courts and traffic courts are located in separate buildings. The only time they overlap is during jury duty. After you’ve been charged with any crime, you can expect to be called for jury duty at either building (depending on where your court is located). Since both types of cases are treated equally, it doesn’t matter where you are summoned for jury duty. When asked to report for jury duty, arrive on time and expect to be there all day. Once everyone has been brought into the courtroom—which may take several hours—the attorneys or judges will explain what’s going on and how long you will be there for that day.

With over 10 million people, New York City is one of America’s most bustling metropolises. The area is home to countless restaurants, movie theaters, and cultural hotspots—but it’s also rife with petty crime. If you happen to be caught up in one of NYC’s criminal courts, you should be prepared to defend yourself against allegations made by prosecutors. Get help from an experienced traffic ticket lawyer in New York today. Once you have been accused of a crime or traffic violation—such as reckless driving or shoplifting—you will have to appear before a judge for arraignment. During your arraignment, you will hear how serious the charges are and how much time is at stake if convicted.

NYC has 5 major traffic courts and 2 criminal courts. What does that mean for you? That means you have to pick your poison: do you want to fight your ticket in Brooklyn traffic court, or do you want to fight it in Manhattan traffic court? Are you going to get away with fighting it out alone, or should you hire an experienced NYC traffic lawyer? After all, hiring a lawyer could save you time and money… so let’s take a look at these NYC courts