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23 Jan Brooklyn Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are facing criminal charges in Brooklyn or in any other borough, you’re probably very concerned with knowing what happens during the legal process. Even being accused of a crime is incredibly stressful, and it can lead to a great deal of anxiety over your future.

You need to have an attorney fighting in your corner. You need someone who knows New York laws and who is willing to go to bat for you. You need someone who can explain the process and put your mind at ease, and you need someone who will give you an honest case evaluation.

You need the Law Offices of James Medows.

I offer superior legal services to each and every one of my clients. In fact, the services I provide are unparalleled among my competitors, and I’m able to offer them at a reasonable price. That’s because my firm is small, and I don’t have the burgeoning overhead that large corporate firms do.

I commit myself to every case I take on, and I pledge to address your needs with compassion, knowledge and all of the experience I’ve gained as a Brooklyn criminal defense lawyer. I pay close attention to detail because I know that every case—and every person who is accused of a crime—is unique.

I will make every effort to get you the best possible outcome with the facts I have to work with. I’ll use my knowledge and experience to help you avoid a criminal conviction whenever possible, and I’ll ensure that your rights are protected every step of the way.

You can rest assured that when you work with me, James Medows, your case is in extremely capable hands.

As a seasoned criminal defense lawyer, I’m capable of handling a wide range of cases throughout Brooklyn and beyond. I understand the serious nature of DWI/DUI, assault, drug possession and other charges, and I’m well aware of the penalties that arise from convictions on these charges.

I frequently deal with people who desperately need someone in their corner. I work as a sounding board, providing strong legal advice and representation for people who have been wrongfully accused of crimes, and I work hard to build a strategic defense to help them avoid a conviction that they don’t deserve. Some of these cases involve false allegations of child abuse and domestic violence, and with these types of accusations, you must act quickly to clear your name and protect your reputation.

When you call the Law Offices of James Medows, I will give you case-specific, on-target legal advice that will help protect you in the courtroom. From shoplifting to criminal trespass, no charge is too tough for my firm to handle.

My legal team and I will research your case thoroughly. We’ll investigate the events that led to your arrest, interview witnesses, and gather all the evidence we need to support you. When your court date arrives, we will be fully prepared to take apart the prosecutor’s case and show the truth of what really happened.

In order to protect your future, we’ll be very proactive in building your defense. A conviction can be devastating; it could prevent you from obtaining a mortgage, from getting a job, or even from going to school. A conviction is a permanent mark on your criminal record, which is exactly why you need to work with a talented attorney who cares about what happens to you.

If you’re like many people, you might be considering whether you can defend yourself in court. You may be thinking, “Why do I even need a Brooklyn criminal defense lawyer?”

When you’re facing criminal charges, or even being investigated, you have the right to have an attorney by your side—and I strongly advise you to use it. You can’t trust just anyone, though; your lawyer needs to be fully invested in your case, familiar with New York laws, and compassionate toward what you’re going through.

A skilled attorney will be your advocate throughout the entire process, from beginning to end. He’ll negotiate with prosecutors, help you share your story with the judge and jury, and ensure that you’re in a fair fight.

Let me use my experience, talent and resources to help you. I may even be able to get your charges reduced or dismissed entirely.

The earlier you call me, the better off you will be. In some cases, I can negotiate with the district attorney before he or she files charges, which could be a major victory in your case. Please call me, James Medows, as soon as you find out you’re facing an investigation or criminal charges—your future could depend on it.