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Brooklyn Arrest Lawyer

Have you or a loved one been arrested for a crime of any kind?

Nothing is more terrifying than being arrested.

Perhaps a knock comes at your door, and you open it to find a policeman with a warrant charging you with drug possession.

Or you are maneuvering down a busy highway, vying with lane-changers and cell phone chatterers, when a siren shatters your already tense nerves and a flashing blue light directs you to pull over.

Brooklyn Arrest Lawyer

You might even be strolling past a park when an officer approaches and cuffs you because someone has reported you for assault.

Your immediate response will likely be panic: What did I do? Why am I being arrested? What’s going to happen to me? You may instinctively be inclined to proclaim your innocence, babble on about what you were doing, even work yourself into a rant against this unjustified action.


Whatever you do, don’t talk.

Muddled as you might feel, your first action should be to contact an experienced arrest lawyer and not say or do anything until that attorney is by your side. The police will probably ply you with questions, attempting to elicit all kinds of information and hoping to get a confession. You need to avoid even the slightest possibility of incriminating yourself. No matter how anxious you are, say nothing. But whom do you call? Where do you start? Do not accept a public defender, who is probably already overworked and may not be familiar with or adept in the legal aspects of your particular charge.

For the most competent and experienced guidance, contact the Law Office of James Medows. James not only has extensive knowledge in all areas of New York law, he is also a dedicated and compassionate lawyer who will appreciate your state of shock and who will staunchly defend you against any accusation. With an exceptional and aggressive ally like James, you can rest assured of receiving the most positive outcome of your case and perhaps of having the charges dismissed altogether.

When you are arrested, the picture won’t be pretty. You will be handcuffed, hustled into a police car, taken to a precinct station, fingerprinted and photographed, and likely shunted into a cell teeming with all manner of suspects, ranging from simple shoplifters to rapists and even murderers. You will find no empathy from anyone; rather, you may well hear various officials glibly and flippantly bantering about various cases and “perps.” Chances are good that you will be held until your arraignment, at which time you will be told of the charges against you, informed of your rights, and asked to enter a plea. The question of bail will likely arise as well, and that decision will be determined by such factors as the severity of the charge, your community and family ties, your employment status, and your flight risk.

To alleviate the horror of this ordeal, Call the Law Office of James Medows as soon as you are arrested. James can help to expedite this whole painful process, and you absolutely must have him at your arraignment, where he can explain the charges against you, dispute the need for bail or at least negotiate for the lowest amount, and argue for dropping the charge completely. Just as importantly, James will provide the moral and emotional support you will undoubtedly need, for he will regard you not just as a client but as a human being in need of whatever aid he can provide.

Regardless of the allegation, James can provide unsurpassed assistance. He has expertly handled cases including drug and DUI charges, sex crimes, domestic violence, harassment and assault, weapons possession, and numerous degrees of burglary and larceny. But whether you are accused of snatching a purse or manslaughter, of a misdemeanor or a felony, James will protect your rights, explore all your options, and defend you to the fullest extent of his considerable powers. Never will he judge you; always will he advise and advocate for you.

Furthermore, James will delve into every aspect of your arrest to determine its validity. Police are not always right, and many arrests have been made without due cause. Perhaps you were mistaken for someone else with a similar name or appearance; perhaps you made an insult that the officer simply didn’t like; perhaps the officers acted on incorrect or misleading information; maybe you were coerced into admitting to something you did not do or held against your will. Tales of police errors and misconduct are rampant, and James will ensure that every detail of your arrest procedure was warranted and legal and that your Fourth Amendment right against arrest without probable cause is intact.

Arrest for any reason is a terrifying experience. James understands that, and he also recognizes what is at stake: your reputation, your career, your family, your very future. He also understands the personal feelings of confusion, shame, and anguish that may be churning within you. What makes James such a valuable attorney is that he will stand by and support you in all these areas.

If you or a loved one is arrested in New York for any reason, contact the Law Office of James Medows at once so that he can provide the best defense available, work to restore your peace of mind, and help to get your life back on track.

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