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Most Common Traffic Violations in New York

05 Apr Most Common Traffic Violations in New York

It’s probably safe to say that most people will be issued a traffic citation at some point in their lives. Some people may be ticketed more often than others—it could be for legitimate poor driving behaviors, or they could just have really bad luck. It...

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Points on Your License: What’s the Big Deal?

20 Feb Points on Your License: What’s the Big Deal?

After you’re pulled over for a minor traffic infraction, you may receive two to three points on your drivers license. Getting a few points on your license probably doesn’t seem like a big deal in the grand scheme of things, so you might decide that...

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12 Dec Best Way to Handle a Traffic Stop? Keep Your Cool

A recent news story reminded us that not everyone knows how to behave when it comes to dealing with minor traffic violations. The best advice is simple: Be polite, follow the directions of the officer, and keep your cool. Traffic stops should be quick and...

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26 Oct A Loophole Big Enough to Drive a Bus Through

Recently, the New York attorney general publicized a loophole in state traffic violation reporting that has potentially been putting more than 2 million children at risk every day. The issue traces to an oversight in state law that lets red light camera tickets slip through...

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Does NYPD Use Quotas When Issuing Tickets?

28 Sep Does NYPD Use Quotas When Issuing Tickets?

Many drivers have long believed that they’re more likely to get a ticket for a moving violation toward the end of the month, when officers are making up for lost time and trying to meet their monthly ticket quotas. But ticket quotas are illegal in...

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23 Aug Some NYC Traffic Courts More Likely to Convict

A recent news story revealed some interesting information about New York City’s traffic court system: Some courts are far more likely to convict drivers who wish to challenge their tickets than others are. While New York City is certainly one of the largest cities in the...

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01 Aug Scammers Target New York Drivers

New York drivers beware: Fake email messages claiming to be from “The NY DMV” have targeted state residents, threatening that their licenses will be revoked if they don’t respond within forty-eight hours. This is a hoax, and those who receive it and follow the links...

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01 Jun Staten Island Traffic Judge Proving Extremely Unpopular

Fighting a traffic ticket often means the hassle of spending a day at traffic court not knowing whether you’ll be found guilty. Worse still is facing a judge who is openly hostile and disinterested in your defense.   This is allegedly the case with one Staten...

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02 May More Traffic Tickets Equal Fewer Deaths

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A cornerstone of Bill de Blasio’s NYC mayoral agenda is his commitment to reducing traffic-related deaths. Indeed, statistics show that this scourge senselessly claims far too many lives. One of many tactics he has been using is stepping up ticketing to cut down on dangerous driving...

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03 Apr What Happens During a Traffic Hearing

Fighting your traffic violation is important because the outcome can affect you for years. Even if you feel the fine is bearable, you can still have surcharges that inflict even more financial damage on your bank account. Points on your license affect your insurance rates...

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