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02 Jul Ways to Fight a Stop Sign Ticket in New York

When you have been pulled over and issued a stop sign ticket, you’re likely pretty frustrated. You were just given a ticket that could hurt your finances and your future. A traffic ticket might not seem too serious, but the penalties can add up to...

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26 Jun How Much Will My New York Speeding Ticket Cost?

A speeding ticket can be frustrating and costly. You might not believe you were even speeding, but you were still issued a ticket, which means a court appearance and possible effects on your license and finances. That can be difficult to deal with after your...

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What Happens When You Don’t Show Up for Traffic Court

23 Apr What Happens When You Don’t Show Up for Traffic Court

If you’ve already pleaded not guilty to a ticket, you’re looking at a date in traffic court for your case. But, life happens, and now you don’t think you’ll make your traffic date. If you don’t, what’s the harm? What happens when you don’t show...

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12 Apr What Are the Fines for Cell Phone Tickets in New York?

Getting a ticket for driving while using a cell phone can be a frustrating situation. You’re facing penalties, fines, and a possible license suspension, all of which just make things harder on you. Before you consider paying your ticket, you’ll need to ask one question:...

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Three Reasons to Call a Traffic Ticket Lawyer

12 Apr Three Reasons to Call a Traffic Ticket Lawyer

When you’ve received a traffic ticket, it can be frustrating. You’re facing penalties for something you don’t believe you did, or the penalties are harsher than you think is fair. Unfortunately, you’re probably not sure where to begin disputing the citation. When that happens, you...

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How to Appeal a Traffic Court Verdict

07 Feb How to Appeal a Traffic Court Verdict

Getting a traffic ticket is bad enough. Maybe you attended your traffic court hearing and were found guilty. Now you have additional expenses and the inconvenience of points on your driving record. You might be feeling discouraged. It’s important to know that a guilty verdict...

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Texting at a Red Light: Is It Legal?

11 Jan Texting at a Red Light: Is It Legal?

As a New Yorker, you’ve probably seen a few signs or ads about the initiatives in our state to reduce cell phone-related accidents. Texting and driving is a major cause of serious accidents, and recent legislation has tightened restrictions on cell phone use in the...

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10 Jan How to Fight a Long Island Traffic Ticket

When you’ve been pulled over and given a traffic ticket in Long Island, it’s easy to feel dismayed or overwhelmed. There are fines, points, and possibly a license suspension in your future if you choose to pay your ticket and plead guilty. Unfortunately, many people...

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