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Bay Ridge Traffic Ticket Lawyer

The expense and stress of a traffic ticket can follow you for months or years. To fight your ticket, work with a Bay Ridge traffic ticket attorney.

Getting charged with a traffic violation is never enjoyable. You have to worry about the financial cost, the time it takes up, and the dreaded points on your license. Because all of these penalties can add up quickly to threaten your license and your financial stability, it’s important to fight tickets whenever possible.

For help fighting your ticket, seek the help of a Bay Ridge traffic ticket lawyer from the Law Office of James Medows. We know how to get your charges dismissed or your penalties reduced.


Ticket Fines and Drivers License Points

When you think of traffic tickets, you usually think of the fine and having to deal with court. The fines are often extremely expensive, but you also have to be aware of the points each violation will earn you on your drivers license.

Drivers license points are how New York and other states track violations and the penalties they include. Once you reach six points, you’re charged an annual driver responsibility assessment of $100 plus $25 for every point over six for three years. Reaching eleven points will lose you your license—and you still have all those fees to pay.

To get your license back, you will have to pay to take classes, pass those classes, then pay restoration fees. All of that is costly to your wallet and your time, but the real problem is not being able to get to work or get the kids to school.


Common Bay Ridge Traffic Violations

The ticketing officer might have cited you with one of many possible traffic violations. Whether it’s speeding or talking on the phone, take the ticket seriously.

Most penalties depend on how many offenses you have been charged with within the last eighteen-month period, but speeding also has tiers based on how fast you were going over the limit.

  • Speeding can cost you between $193 and $1,068 in fines and between three and eleven points on your license.
  • Tailgating costs you a $93 to $543 fine and four points.
  • Failing to stop for school bus carries $343 to $1,093 in fines and five points.
  • Changing lanes unsafely or improper passing will get you three points on your license.
  • Using a phone to talk or text while driving is five points and a heavy fine.
  • Disobeying a traffic control signal, stop sign, or yield sign can have a fine up to $100 and gets you three points.
  • Some other moving violations will carry a variety of fines and two points.


Insurance Hikes

Another issue with points on your license is that your insurance company will likely increase your insurance rates as a result. Every violation you receive will be filed away, often for up to three years, costing you hundreds if not thousands more in premiums over that time.

The only way to avoid this is to plead not guilty and win. And a Bay Ridge traffic violation lawyer can help you do that.


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