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14 Oct Avoiding Traffic Tickets in New York City

If you’re like most New Yorkers, you rarely use your car and only drive it when necessary. This makes you especially vulnerable to traffic tickets, whether it’s an NYC parking ticket or a speeding ticket on the Long Island Expressway. Even if you don’t receive a traffic ticket, driving in such an urban environment can be dangerous because of other drivers who aren’t paying attention or don’t obey the rules of the road.

Speeding is a minor infraction that you can easily avoid if you’re aware of your surroundings. Here are a few helpful tips for avoiding speeding tickets: Don’t speed past traffic lights as they turn yellow; make sure to abide by posted speed limits; and don’t drive aggressively. It’s important to obey traffic laws because not only will it save you from getting a ticket, but also from harming yourself or someone else on the road.

When driving through an intersection, try to slow down so that you can arrive at a red light at about 10 miles per hour. This gives you plenty of time to stop without having to slam on your brakes or run through a yellow light. You’ll also avoid rushing through lights and potentially making sudden turns that might endanger pedestrians or other drivers. So even if traffic is heavy, take it easy when approaching an intersection—it could save you time, money, and trouble down the road.

Making an improper turn can not only lead to a traffic ticket, but it can also endanger pedestrians and even other drivers. When making turns, pay attention to all traffic signs and be sure you are turning into a proper lane.

Not all drivers are responsible when it comes to following traffic rules. When you’re at an intersection, don’t rely on others to obey traffic signals; always look around and make sure you cross safely. Get out of your car to push-start it if you need to, or ask for help—but never keep driving if your vehicle is stuck on a crossing without working brakes.