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Astoria Speeding Ticket Lawyer

After receiving a speeding citation, you do have options available that could get you out of paying the fine and other penalties. Discover your best defense with the help of an Astoria speeding ticket lawyer.

Residents of Astoria and its visitors typically lead busy lives. Unfortunately, that motivation to quickly get from place to place can sometimes lead to speeding tickets. It happens to the best of us: You get caught up in trying to get to work and suddenly an officer pulls you over and tickets you for exceeding the speed limit.

Although it can feel like a disaster when it happens, it doesn’t have to be. An Astoria speeding ticket lawyer can help you fight your speeding violation—whether you think you’re guilty or innocent.

What’s at Risk After a Speeding Ticket?

You might be tempted to simply accept and pay for your speeding ticket. Although this will—temporarily—make the situation go away, it will cost you more than it’s worth in the long run. By taking this action, you are effectively admitting guilt, and that can mean higher insurance premiums, points on your license, jail time, and even the loss of your license altogether. There is absolutely no reason to accept these consequences, especially if you weren’t actually speeding.

The Cost of Higher Insurance Rates

Insurance companies regularly scan your traffic violations and adjust your premiums to compensate for any “increased risk.” If you admit to speeding, it could potentially increase your monthly premiums—and by a substantial amount.


If you get enough speeding tickets or other traffic violations, you can expect your insurance premiums to skyrocket, which can add up to thousands of dollars. Even worse, your insurance company might even drop you if your speeding tickets occur simultaneously with other traffic violations, like driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This is just one of the reasons that it’s best to consult a qualified Astoria speeding ticket lawyer before you decide to accept the ticket.

Points on Your License

Each time you admit guilt to a traffic violation like speeding, you will have a set number of driving points added to your license. The number of points you can receive is limited and may depend on the type of license you hold. If you gain enough points, your license can be suspended or even revoked permanently, so even a single point can be concerning. After all, you never know if the next ticket will put you over the limit—or if it will be beatable.

Possible Jail Time for Speeding

It is possible to receive jail time for speeding in Astoria if you were going fast enough and cause an accident at the same time. Jail time is the most common repercussion in situations where someone who is speeding also strikes another vehicle or an individual.


In the event that injury or death occurs, admitting to speeding could also result in a charge of vehicular assault or manslaughter. Conversely, proving that you weren’t speeding can significantly reduce the chances for a guilty verdict on other charges.

An Astoria Speeding Violation Lawyer Can Help

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