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11 Oct I was arrested for domestic violence and my partner wants to drop the charges, what happens now?

Unfortunately for you and your partner, neither one of you closed the shots. You were arrested which means that you partner file the domestic incident report with the police and as the result, the district attorney is now prosecuting you as a result of your alleged domestic violence. Even if your partner wants to drop the charges, the district attorney does not care about what your partner’s feelings are.

Their job is to prosecute you, so what’s going to happen is even if your partner, spouse or lover decides not to testify against you, the district attorney believe it or not can still go to trial without that person coming into court. You may ask how is this don, it’s very simple, at some point of time your partner, your spouse called 911 and by calling 911, the police came and they made you follow domestic incident report. So guess what’s the district attorney has now, they have the spouse who called the police, they have the 911 call, they also have the paperwork in which your spouse filled out, the domestic incident report with your signature.

The district attorney can go to trial and if had this many times with the district attorney went to trial without the supposed victim. So what you need to do is lawyer up right away and don’t take it lightly that the spouse doesn’t want to go against you because the district attorney will still prosecute you and you still go to jail and you’ll still have criminal record. So again don’t take it lightly and don’t think that all these cases just gonna be dismissed because of the fact my partner doesn’t want to testify against me or my partner doesn’t wanna prosecute because again your partner doesn’t closed the shots, the district attorney does.

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