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Criminal Attorney Who Assists in the Arraignment Process

An arraignment is a formal court proceeding in which an individual is informed of a charge or charges that have been brought against him or her.

At this proceeding, the defendant—the person being charged—is asked to enter a plea, usually guilty or not guilty. This procedure must take place within a certain amount of time after an arrest, or the defendant can be released.

At an arraignment, the presiding judge also has the option to set bail or to release the defendant on his own recognizance (called “ROR”), meaning the defendant recognizes and acknowledges the obligation to be available to appear in court when so required.

Arraignment Lawyer Brooklyn

If the judge orders bail, then that amount must be paid to the court by a third party, often by a friend, family member, or bail bondsman.

Also, the next step and date in your case will likely be set at the arraignment.

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An arraignment preserves the Sixth Amendment right of a person to be informed of the reason for and nature of any criminal accusation, and it is imperative that the defendant be informed of the right to counsel.

If you are facing an arraignment on any charge, you should absolutely have a lawyer present and representing you.


First of all, a lawyer may be able to get a charge dismissed completely so that there is no arraignment at all.

Second, if the procedure goes forward, the attorney can help explain the charges against you, the options you have, and any risks that may be involved.

Third, the lawyer can argue for no bail or at least for the lowest amount possible.

Finally, but not least important, an experienced criminal defense attorney can provide the emotional and moral support that a defendant in a courtroom situation often needs, along with the security and assurance that your rights are being safeguarded and that you will not accidentally incriminate yourself or in any way damage your case.

At the Law Office of James Medows, James has provided this kind of reassurance for thousands of clients, and will give the same attention to you.

Furthermore, because the time frame between being charged and being arraigned is relatively short, you need a criminal defense, or arraignment, lawyer who will be available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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