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03 Jan Are Traffic Tickets Public Record in New York? 5 Reasons to Use

Are Traffic Tickets Public Record in New York? 5 Reasons to Use

For most of us, at one point or the other, we may have been pulled over by a police officer and gotten a traffic ticket for a traffic infraction which may include speeding, running a red light, parking in the wrong spot, or any other form of a traffic violation. When you get a traffic ticket, your first thought will be if it is going to go on your public record as this could damage you in several ways, including affecting your professional life, particularly if you are searching for a job. This is why one of the most commonly asked questions is if traffic tickets are public record. According to, because of the Freedom of Information Act of 1966, traffic citations are considered public records, which means that anyone can access such information by following through with the correct government channels. If you are worried about your traffic ticket going into your public record, then you should use as they will help prevent that from happening, with the following 5 reasons showing how they can do that.

They will help you get the ticket dismissed

Remember, a traffic ticket is not the same as a conviction. A traffic ticket, as covered over at, simply means that you have been cited for a traffic offense while a conviction means that you have been found guilty of the traffic violation. When you pay a fine and plead guilty for a traffic ticket, then typically this means that you will be convicted for the offense and it will then be placed on your driving record as explained by the experts over at, with the same applying if you choose to fight the ticket but you lose and are found guilty in court. On the other hand, if you fight the traffic ticket and are found not guilty or you otherwise get the ticket dismissed, then it will not be a conviction of a moving violation, and won’t go on your record. This is why you should use as they will fight to get your traffic ticket dismissed and ensure that it doesn’t go on your record, keeping it clean.

They will help you negotiate it down

While the best-case scenario when dealing with a traffic ticket is to have it dismissed, it is not always possible, and sometimes you just have to take responsibility for your action. No traffic ticket lawyer, not good ones like those over at anyway, can guarantee you a dismissal. If it is impossible to have your traffic ticket dismissed, then the next best thing is to have it negotiated down to a less significant, non-moving violation. Non-moving violations carry no points on one’s license, and more importantly, do not appear on one’s driving record, which means that they won’t come up in any background check unless they become delinquent. Using is, therefore, the best course of action, as they will help you negotiate your ticket down to a non-moving violation, making sure that your record stays clean.

They will help you get a deferral

When you get a deferral for your traffic ticket, it means that, while the court will find you guilty, the ticket will be deferred for a certain amount, which in most cases is one year as per If you manage to get through the deferral period without getting another traffic citation, then the ticket will be dismissed and will never hit your driving record. However, as the experts over at point out, if you are issued with another ticket during the deferral period, then both tickets will go on your DMV record, adding a major risk to this option. Also, deferrals are not an automatic solution as they must be approved by a district attorney or judge, which is why you should use as they have the know-how and the experience to make sure that, if you choose this option to help prevent your traffic ticket from making it to your public record, then you will get your deferral approved.

They know how to convince the judge

Traffic violations in New York are adjudicated by the Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB), which is a judicial arm of the Department of Motor Vehicles. The TVB does not plea-bargain, which means that judges in those courts cannot reduce the points on a violation, even if they might want to, as the law doesn’t give them that power. There is also no prosecutor, which means that there is no one there to offer you a plea bargain. It is just you or your attorney, the police officer involved, and the judge as captured over at You, therefore, want to get your ticket dismissed to prevent it from hitting your record. The lawyers over at are excellent at arguing such cases and will give you the best possible chance of getting a dismissal.

They will let you know of your other options

Some states, including New York, allow drivers to take a defensive driving class as an alternative resolution as covered over at When you opt for this option, your ticket will be deferred, and upon proof of course completion, the ticket will be dismissed or marked as ‘adjudication withheld’, preventing it from hitting your record. This is why you should use as the will explain to you all your other options, including the option to take a defensive driving class, explaining to you what it entails, and also ensuring that you only take approved courses for the best outcome.

If you are worried about your traffic ticket hitting your public record and affecting you down the road, then from the above discussion, using is the best course of action as they will work hard to ensure that your record remains clean.