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Appealing a Traffic Violations Bureau Ticket Conviction

19 Sep Appealing a Traffic Violations Bureau Ticket Conviction

When you’re issued a ticket in NYC, you might already be prepared to fight it and get those charges dropped. What happens when you lose, though? Fortunately, you still have a chance to appeal a traffic violation bureau ticket conviction. It can be tough to get results, but you do have a chance to fight back and avoid the charge, even after conviction. 

Appealing your claim can be tough, though, and you may only have one chance to fight back and appeal your case. Reach out to an attorney if you want to seek out an appeal but are concerned about facing the appeal on your own.

Filing an Appeal with the Traffic Violations Bureau

When you’re convicted of a traffic violation such as speeding, you might find that the penalties are more severe than you expected. You might have even temporarily lost your license because of the conviction. When that happens, you need to act fast if you plan to appeal your case. 

You only have thirty days to file an appeal, so talk to your traffic ticket attorney about preparing the paperwork for an appeal. They can help you file online or in person, and they can help you prepare your evidence for your claim. 

Acting quickly on your own can be tough, especially if you have questions and don’t fully understand the process. If you’re not sure about your case, reach out to an attorney to avoid risking your appeal. 

Your Options for Defending Your Case

Keep in mind that your options for your appeal are limited. You must file all evidence for your appeal at once. If you fail to include a piece of evidence, it won’t be considered later on.

You’ll also need to ensure you have a strong argument for your case, especially if you’re filing online. You don’t have many chances to file your appeal, which means you need to focus on providing the best appeal argument possible. 

That’s why many people choose to work with a traffic ticket lawyer in New York. You may understand your evidence, but you may not have the experience needed to effectively argue your case. Your lawyer can make this part of your case easy, so you don’t have to worry about putting together the best defense.

Contact an Attorney to Appeal Your Ticket

If you’ve been accused of a traffic violation, avoiding the penalties can help you protect your license and your finances. However, even if you’ve just been convicted of a traffic violation, you may have a chance to appeal your case and avoid some or all the penalties of a conviction. 

Your lawyer at the Law Office of James Medows could help you overcome a conviction and file an appeal. We understand how tough it can be to fight back for your appeal, which is why we offer free consultations to those struggling to appeal their cases. 

If you’re worried about your conviction, and you’re ready to fight back, reach out for help appealing your traffic violations bureau ticket conviction. Call 917-856-1247 or fill out the following online form to get started.