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25 Oct A Traffic Ticket- What Outcomes Are Possible If I Fight My Ticket?

A Traffic Ticket- What Outcomes Are Possible If I Fight My Ticket?

Have you received a traffic ticket? If so, you might be concerned about how it will affect your driving record and what the possible outcomes are if you choose to fight the ticket. Let’s take a look at how to fight your traffic ticket to determine what possibilities are available to you in your specific situation.

1) First, What is Negligence in this Case?

Negligence in traffic laws is commonly defined as failure to be reasonably careful in situations where others are at risk. Essentially, that means that if you have been issued a traffic ticket for speeding or following too closely, it means that you failed to operate your vehicle with due care in a situation where there were risks to other people on the road. The test of negligence in every case is whether or not a reasonable person would have acted differently in similar circumstances.

2) Which Court Will Hear This Case?

When your ticket is written in one town and your court date is in another, you must decide which court will hear your case.

3) Should I Hire a Lawyer for this Charge?

Many people who receive traffic tickets never bother to fight them in court because they either don’t want to take time out of their busy schedules or simply think it’s easier to pay. While these are valid reasons, when you consider how costly traffic tickets can be in terms of both time and money, it may be worth fighting your ticket. If you do decide to fight your ticket, make sure you file before your deadline (typically 10 days). Otherwise, you may end up paying more than you should.

4) Know How much It Will Cost Before Filing.

There are two possible outcomes when you get a traffic ticket. The first is that you pay your fine without fighting it, which has its own set of consequences. The second is that you decide to fight your ticket, and that involves another process with different deadlines.

5) Don’t Delay! File Before the Deadline.

Don’t wait until your ticket is due to file. The reason you want to file early isn’t just so you have more time to pay—it’s because it can save you a lot of money.