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25 Jan A Traffic Ticket Can Affect Your Insurance Rates

A Traffic Ticket Can Affect Your Insurance Rates

Depending on your insurance provider, one speeding ticket or minor accident could raise your premiums by hundreds of dollars. That means that it’s not only important to hire an attorney who will make sure you aren’t convicted of your traffic violation—it’s also important to make sure you aren’t convicted at all. Hiring a traffic ticket lawyer in New York can help because they can often reduce your fines and penalties, which will lower the total cost of your citation over time. If you know that you may have received a traffic ticket, contact us right away to find out what steps we can take to get you back on track.

If you’re pulled over for speeding or another moving violation, that ticket could have an impact on your car insurance rates. Insurance companies will often look at your traffic history when calculating rates. If you have a few violations on your record (especially speeding tickets), you could see higher premiums. Fortunately, hiring an attorney can help you avoid unnecessary fines and reduce points on your license—which means more savings for you down the road. For example, if your fine is reduced from $300 to $100, it could save you up to $400 in insurance surcharges. And reducing five points off of your license will save you as much as $450 per year. If such a reduction can put that kind of cash back into your pocket, why not hire an attorney?

If you’re ticketed for speeding or some other traffic violation, it can increase your insurance rates. If you get enough tickets, your car insurance provider may deny you coverage, or raise your premiums significantly. The best way to avoid these consequences is to hire an attorney who will fight for your rights. When you go before a judge on your own, that person has no vested interest in your case and can therefore pass down penalties without considering mitigating factors such as extenuating circumstances. A lawyer will look at everything from every angle and represent you with professionalism and compassion so that you get the best outcome possible.