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03 Jan 5 Things to Look Out for With Your Traffic Ticket. 5 Reasons to Use Ny-defense.com

5 Things to Look Out for With Your Traffic Ticket. 5 Reasons to Use Ny-defense.com

When most people are issued with a traffic ticket, they tend to just opt to pay the fine as they feel like this is the quickest way to be done with their ticket. However, what they don’t realize is that paying your traffic ticket is the same as pleading guilty, and will, therefore, come with lots of consequences as covered over at ny-defense.com, including accumulating points on your driver’s license, potential suspension of your license, additional surcharges, and increased auto insurance premiums. Given that the cost of paying a traffic ticket goes beyond the fine you may be required to pay, the top-rated ny-defense.com recommends that you always fight your traffic ticket. This is because your speeding ticket could have issues and errors that may provide grounds for dismissal. Identifying these issues and errors, as minor as some of them might seem, could be the difference between you and a hefty fine, points on your driver’s license, or suspension. However, if you are to pinpoint such issues, you need to know what and where to look, and this article will look to help with that by outlining 5 things you should look out for with your traffic ticket as well as reasons why you should use the top-rated ny-defense.com.

The basics

You should start by looking at the basics of your ticket when you get home. As covered over at ny-defense.com, this means starting by checking the date, time, and location on your traffic ticket and make sure that they all match up. Although ‘typos’ may not likely lead to the dismissal of your traffic ticket, there are other errors on the identifying information on your ticket that may provide grounds for the same. You need to make sure that the ticket has the correct location as far as where you were pulled over and issued with it is concerned. Finding errors that may prove substantial as far as this section is concerned is not easy if you are doing it alone, which is why you should use a good and experienced traffic lawyer like the highly-rated ny-defense.com who will find such errors on your behalf.

What you are being accused of

Your traffic ticket will also have an “In Violation Of” section outlining the traffic law that the police officer who issued you with the ticket alleges that you violated as articulated over at ny-defense.com. The first thing you need to check here is if this section has been filled since if it has been left blank for one reason or another, then this could be grounds for dismissal of the tickets. Any errors in this section could also provide grounds for dismissal. However, since this section contains a lot of legalese, it is usually not possible for you to tell if there are errors, which is another reason why you need to use a top-rated traffic lawyer like ny-defense.com who will be able to go through this section and pinpoint any issues that may help your case, and possibly even get your traffic ticket dismissed.

The device

The next thing you need to look out for with your ticket is which device the police used to measure your speed if you have been issued with a speeding ticket. In most instances, the police officer may have used a Radar gun to clock your speed, although other possible devices can be used as articulated over at ny-defense.com. However, it is important to note that these devices don’t always work as intended which is why they need to undergo routine calibrations to ensure that they are working properly and accurately. According to ny-defense.com, the device must have been calibrated within a specific number of days before being used when your ticket was issued, usually 60 days. If you can prove that the device wasn’t calibrated as required, then you may have a case for dismissal of your traffic ticket. A good and experienced traffic lawyer like the excellent ny-defense.com will be able to uncover evidence of the device’s calibration, asking for calibration certificates, and if it wasn’t calibrated as required, you can be sure that they will bring this to light.

The distance

While police officers usually use Radar guns and other such devices to measure speed when issuing speeding tickets, the law also allows them to use the police pacing method as discussed over at ny-defense.com, which is where a police officer matches your vehicle’s speed for some time while checking their speedometer to see if you are driving over the limit. Here, the law requires that if a police officer is using the pacing method, then they should track your speed for a specified distance to ensure accuracy. If the distance is shorter as articulated on your traffic ticket, then you can get your ticket dismissed. You can also be able to fight a pacing speeding ticket by proving that the police officer’s speedometer wasn’t properly calibrated when your ticket was issued, or that they weren’t matching your speed. A good traffic lawyer like ny-defense.com will help you with all these defense strategies.

Your speed

According to discussions over at ny-defense.com, if you are issued with a speeding ticket, then your ticket should show how fast you were going as alleged by the police officer who wrote your traffic ticket. This is why you should also check to see what the police officer has written your speed was and see if you agree. If you can prove that the police officer was mistaken and that you weren’t driving at the speed indicated, then you stand a good chance of getting a positive outcome. Here, you can use dashcam cameras to show that your speed was lower than what has been indicated on your ticket, and an experienced traffic lawyer like ny-defense.com will help you with that. However, when making this case in court, remember to state that the police officer is mistaken rather than saying that they are lying.

These are some of the things you need to look out for with your traffic ticket and remember if you are looking to fight your ticket, and you should, then the excellent ny-defense.com has got your back and is ready and willing to help.

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