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28 Jun 5 common driving violations that will get you arrested

5 common driving violations that will get you arrested

It’s not uncommon for people to commit traffic violations and not even know it. Especially in the busy city of New York, driving can be a challenge. So it’s important to educate yourself on the most common offenses that will land you an arrest. In New York, these are outlined below.
Speeding- Going over the posted speed limit by more than 25mph (or 40km/h) is enough to get you arrested and charged with a misdemeanor.
Improper Turn- You must yield to pedestrians when making a turn. If you don’t, you will receive two points on your license.

What are the most common driving violations
Being pulled over and arrested for something other than drunk driving or excessive speeding can be an unnerving experience. With so many violations to choose from, here are five of the most common ones.

What happens if you get pulled over
It is not uncommon for police officers to arrest someone who they believe has violated one of these traffic laws. If an officer stops you, they may ask to see your driver’s license and registration. In some cases, if it is determined that you have broken one of these traffic laws, they may arrest you on-the-spot and take your vehicle if it appears unsafe to operate or there are outstanding warrants for your arrest.
Some drivers forget their driver’s license in their wallet or purse so, without proper identification, an officer could still issue tickets and fines which need to be paid off before another driver can pick up your car from impound lot.

What to do if you get arrested for a traffic violation
It’s not fun getting arrested, especially for something as minor as speeding. That is why it is crucial to know what to do if you ever find yourself in such a situation. First of all, read over your traffic ticket carefully. This will give you valuable information about which court to attend and your legal defense options. If there are any errors on your ticket, speak with an attorney before showing up to court. Remember that although they may ask if you have anything to say about your violation at court, keep it short and sweet. Speaking too much could land you with more fines and punishment than are necessary for what initially seemed like just another traffic stop.

How to avoid being arrested for a traffic violation
It is always important to avoid committing any sort of traffic violation, since being stopped by law enforcement could lead to being arrested. Some of these are more serious than others. The very most serious, such as drunk driving or eluding law enforcement, come with very steep penalties including jail time and large fines. These should be avoided at all costs. There are also many lesser violations which can be avoided if one takes care not to commit them.
Here are some ways in which you can avoid being cited for these infractions:
– Pull over when it is safe and when signaled to do so by police
– Signal your turns in advance before you make them
– Do not speed unnecessarily or drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Things to keep in mind after getting pulled over
Don’t put yourself in more of an unfavorable position by asking, why are you pulling me over? or resisting arrest. By doing so, it could result in additional charges. It is also important to obey any instructions given to you by police officers and answer their questions. One should not make any statements about their offense before speaking with an attorney and one can refuse to consent to any searches.