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29 May 20 Traffic Ticket Law Firms in New York City

20 Traffic Ticket Law Firms in New York City

A New York City Traffic Ticket is not the same as a traffic ticket issued in other areas of the state as discussed at ny-defense.com, given that a non-criminal NYC ticket will be attended to at the TVB which has its own rules. If you have been handed one and are looking to fight it, which you should, given the consequences of pleading guilty to a traffic ticket, then you will need a New York City traffic ticket lawyer who understands how proceedings in the TVB work. To help you find one, here is a list of 20 traffic ticket law firms in New York City.

The Law Office of James Medows

This law firm is located on 306 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, and handles all sorts of traffic tickets including cell phone tickets, speeding tickets, and red light tickets. It serves clients from all over New York City, including in The Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Manhattan, Long Island, and Queens, and you can check it out at ny-defense.com.

Feifer & Greenberg, LLP

From its offices in New York City, this law firm can help with any traffic ticket or traffic law-related matter anywhere in the city and its Boroughs. The firm usually charges simple flat fees for its services, and clients find its fees to be low and fair.

Giordano Law Offices

Based in Harlem, this award-winning New York City law firm has several specialties, including traffic law. Its excellent track record in terms of getting results for its clients, transparent fees, and unparalleled customer service is what sets it apart from most other traffic ticket law firms in the city.

Weiss & Associates, PC

This traffic ticket law firm will fight any ticket issued in New York City, including speeding tickets, truck tickets, traffic tickets, and suspensions, as is also true for ny-defense.com. With this law firm, you will be given the guidance and support you need from an experienced New York City traffic ticket lawyer to proactively handle your specific situation.

NYC Traffic Ticket Lawyer

It handles all traffic tickets, including red lights, speeding, cellphone, improper turns, DWI, DUI, and more. If you are looking for an attorney to help you with your New York City traffic violations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, or Staten Island, then you should check this law firm out.

Benjamin Goldman Law Office

This is a New York City law firm dedicated to traffic ticket defense and was founded in 2011. The firm’s mission is to help clients fight traffic tickets, license suspension, and revocations, as well as criminal charges stemming from traffic violations; which can also be said of ny-defense.com.

The Law Office of Phillipe J. Gerschel

With offices in New York City, this law firm represents clients in Staten Island and The Bronx who are looking to fight their traffic tickets. The team here understands that Staten Island is a particularly difficult place to fight traffic tickets as the judges there are particularly tough. As a former prosecutor, having attorney Gerschel on your side in the area can make all the difference.

Rosenblum Law

This is one of the largest and highest customer-rated traffic violations law firms in New York and New Jersey. With experienced traffic violations and criminal defense attorneys, this firm has a reputation for aggressive representation for anyone facing criminal charges or traffic violations with the potential to result in fines, point, license suspensions, or jail time, a reputation it shares with ny-defense.com.

The Law Office of Craig Bondy

Founded in 1993 to protect the rights of motorists in New York and New Jersey, this NYC law firm has consistently ranked among the leaders in handling more traffic court cases than any other attorney in the state. Offering unbelievable services, it is one of the best New York City traffic ticket law firms.

The Law Office of Anthony Sharnov, PC

Located in Brooklyn, this law firm represents individuals in a variety of New York vehicle and traffic law disputes, with its mission being to provide the highest quality representation possible for its clients to obtain the best result achievable in every case.

Martin A. Kron & Associates, PC

This law firm, which has more than three decades of experience protecting motorists’ driving records, gives clients in New York City the chance to get defense from a former New York Traffic Court Judge in attorney Kron. He can leverage his knowledge and experience to build a legal strategy ready for trial, even if your case doesn’t go that far.

Gannes & Musico

The New York City traffic ticket lawyers at this law firm are always prepared to provide clients with an aggressive defense against all types of traffic tickets and criminal charges, as can also be said of the team at ny-defense.com. The traffic ticket attorneys here share more than 30 years of experience and have helped thousands of clients, which means you can rest easy knowing that you will be in safe hands.

Michael Block, Attorney at Law, PC

This law firm has got two office locations, one in Manhattan and the other in Long Island. Attorney Michael Block defends motorists with moving violations, or tickets, in all boroughs throughout New York City and comes with more than 25 years of experience in traffic law.

The Law Office of Mindy Paget Brill

Whether you are a business owner whose trucks are constantly being ticketed, or an individual facing a yellow or pink ticket, the attorneys at this NYC law firm have the experience you need to fight your ticket. This law firm serves drivers throughout the five boroughs, Long Island, and Westchester, New York.

Law Office of Isaac Abraham

The Law Offices of Isaac Abraham is a premier New York City law firm handling traffic law violations primarily in Queens and Long Island, as well as other areas in the state. Attorney Abraham can assist you with traffic tickets and other driving violations such as DWI/DWAI, unlicensed operation, driving with a suspended license or insurance, and many others, which are also handled at ny-defense.com.

Law Office of Helene Mark

Ms. Mark provides her clients with the individual attention and personalized advice they need to effectively manage their legal problems in traffic court and criminal court. Some of the practice areas of this firm are traffic violation defense, DUI-DWI, driving with a suspended or revoked license, truck violations, and reckless driving.

Victor A. Bernace, Esq

If you are looking to fight your Bronx traffic ticket, then this is the Bronx traffic ticket lawyer you should consider. His law office is located on 100 Cooper Street, and he offers representation for a wide range of violations such as speeding, running red lights, improper use of cell phones, and many others, as is also true for ny-defense.com.

Jeffrey Ziff and Associates, PC

Just like ny-defense.com, this firm offers a free initial consultation and can help you make the best decision possible. The firm fights hundreds of traffic tickets a week all across New York and New Jersey and is highly experienced in handling NYC traffic tickets at the TVB.

Stites Law, LLP

This New York City law firm strives to help its clients protect their driving record and privileges, with its NYC traffic lawyers having extensive experience in this particular area of law and being well-versed in the City’s and State’s various traffic violation laws and court systems.


This law firm is located on 1829 East, 13 Street, Brooklyn, New York, and its office comprises of a professional team of New York City traffic attorneys, interpreters, consultants, and other experts with years of experience defending people in traffic courts in NYC.

Remember, if you get handed a New York City traffic ticket and are looking to fight it, then don’t hesitate to reach out to the excellent ny-defense.com for help.