According to NY-defense experts, commercial drivers have many advantages but also they need to be very careful. This is because they can get their licenses revoked pretty easy. Below are some of the commercial driving violations in New York city. 

Over speeding

Over speeding mainly tends to get you points on your driver’s license thus putting you as a commercial driver at a higher risk of getting your driver’s license revoked by the court. Mainly commercial drivers over speed because they are either late or in some instances it is just negligence. 

Accumulation of points

The points system is used in traffic law to indicate how many offenses you have done on the road. Each point given depends on the offence you have done on the road. NY-defense will be able to offer more information on the point system in traffic law.

Driving under influence of drugs

The main unit used to measure of alcohol measure is 0.08% blood alcohol content and 0.02% for a teenager. By any chance a higher blood alcohol content is found, you will attract an administrative suspension or a revocation of your driver’s license as stated by NY-defense.

Driving without insurance

Insurance is a document given to validate that you are covered incase anything happens to you or your vehicle. If you are driving with an expired insurance or with no insurance at all then you can attract an administrative suspension. Contact NY-defense for more information on insurance and insurance providers.

Refusal to submit to chemical testing

In some instances, the law enforcement officers tend to conduct a chemical testing operation. If you decline to take the test that is requested by the law enforcement officers, then you will be eligible to get a one-year administrative revocation.

Drug abuse

When charged with an alcohol or drug abuse problem, the court has the ability to order the revocation of your license. This also applies to any alcohol offenses. For more information on this contact NY-defense.      

Leaving the scene of an accident

This does not apply to commercial drivers only but to all drivers. When involved in an accident you should not leave the scene. You need to stay at the scene up until the issue has been sorted out. 

Using a commercial vehicle to commit a felony

Commercial vehicles are considered to be used in a good way mainly because they are servicing the public. When a commercial driver flaunts the rules by committing a felony, the driver is eligible to get the driver’s license revoked.


This can occur in many different ways namely causing of accidents, destruction of property or even causing death. According to NY-defense, causing of death due to negligence is a very serious offence and it can lead to serious reputations.

Following a vehicle too close

This is a safety procedure that is mainly used to prevents accidents like hitting your fellow driver form the back in case of instant breaking. This point applies to all drivers. When driving and you do not follow these guidelines then you can attract problems with the law.

Improper lane changes

One may wonder what are improper lane changes, NY-defense experts have been able to help out. This implies to the act of changing lanes without indicating, this is reckless behavior because it may inconvenience other drivers while also not forgetting that it is dangerous as it may cause accidents and to some extent death.

Failing to show up in court

You can be summoned in court, but if you fail to attend court on the date and time specified, you will be adding an offence on top of another offence. In such a scenario the court can offer warrant for your arrest, unless you give out a good cause of why you did not show up to court.

Driving without a valid driver’s license

NY-defense uncovered that driving without a valid driver’s license is pretty much a huge offence, in some instances it may cause you to get your driver’s license revoked. So to avoid this you need to always make sure that you keep an eye on your license expiry date so to speak.

Failure to remove a driver’s license on demand

Still on the matter on driver’s license, you can be able to attract a penalty if you do not produce a driver’s license on demand by a law enforcement officer. NY-defense points out that you need to always comply with the law to avoid such mistakes that can lead to you losing your driver’s license.

Failure to wear a seatbelt

Seatbelts are the greatest innovations in the vehicle industry, they allow you to be safe in terms of you will be held in your seat so to speak in case of any impact. This reduces incidents that may cause injury. By any chance the driver of a commercial vehicle is not wearing a seatbelt then it is considered as an offence.

Reckless driving

This is a whole new level of ignorance. In this case a commercial driver will drive however he or she pleases on the road. For example, a driver can drive over pavements meant for pedestrians, overlap while in traffic among other reckless actions on the road.

Failure to adhere to traffic lights indications

Traffic lights are a set of rules set on the roads which are mainly inform of lights. Failure to adhere to this set of rules you will be going against the law. This may even lead to revocation of your driver’s license as uncovered by NY-defense experts.

Failure to indicate or placing of life savers

Vehicles are prone to breaking down in the most unusual of places. But this is not the issue here, the problem comes when you do not place indications in terms of lifesavers, especially when your vehicle is in a manner likely to obstruct other road users.

Driving using a mobile phone

Mobile phones are good as they help in communication, but they can also cause problems. For instance, when driving and you are using a mobile phone is a great traffic offense. You can incur a heavy fine.

Faulty seatbelts or no seatbelt at all

As pointed out earlier by NY-defense experts, seatbelts are a life saver so it is mandatory for them to be present in your vehicle ad also not forgetting they should be in good shape. Failure to adhere to this attracts a fine or a license revoking.