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Manhattan Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Not fighting a traffic ticket and simply pleading guilty is never a wise choice to make. Under the strict New York State Driver Point System, every single traffic violation puts you that much closer to losing your license.

If you need to drive in order to get to work, meet with clients, visit elderly parents, or run the kids to and from school and events, losing your license and access to your driving privileges is not in your best interest. Anytime you are ticketed, your best course of action is to hire a Manhattan traffic ticket lawyer.

Why You Need a Manhattan Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Under the NYS Driver Point System, you start out with zero points, but every time you are convicted of a traffic infraction—whether it’s speeding, talking on your cell phone while driving, running a red light, failing to yield, improper passing, tailgating or disobeying various traffic laws—you will have points added to your record. While this may sound harmless enough, it is anything but.

You are only allowed to receive eleven points within an eighteen-month period. Once you have reached the limit, your license can be suspended. This means a total loss of your driving privileges.

Once you’re past the eighteen-month mark, you are not yet in the clear. If you reach twelve points within three years, your license could also be suspended. This makes hiring a Manhattan traffic ticket lawyer incredibly important.

The point total on your record will be calculated by adding up all the points you have received for traffic violations within the last eighteen months.

You Have the Right to a Hearing

Just like being arrested for a crime does not automatically make you guilty, receiving a traffic ticket does not automatically mean you are guilty of what you were ticketed for.

You have the right to a hearing in front of an administrative law judge to dispute these accusations. During this hearing, you can present evidence for why you are innocent, and the judge will make a final determination in your case.

If the evidence you present is strong enough, your traffic violation may be thrown out entirely. A Manhattan traffic ticket lawyer can assist you in collecting this evidence and developing an argument proving your innocence.

Have You Reviewed Your Driving Record Lately?

Before your hearing, you should order a copy of your driving record and review it. There’s always a chance that points may have been erroneously added to your record at some point.

While everyone might assume the state’s tracking system is without flaw, the reality is that everyone can make mistakes, including the state.

For example, someone with the same name as you could have been convicted of a traffic violation, and the points may have been incorrectly assigned to your record.

By simply reviewing your record, you’ll be able to determine whether everything is accurate. You can also make sure anything you’ve done to have points deducted from your record has been credited to you appropriately. Should you find anything incorrect, a Manhattan traffic ticket lawyer can help you get things straightened out.

Common Violations

In addition to speeding, one of the more common reasons for receiving a traffic violation is using a cell phone while driving and running a stop sign. In New York, it is never legal to use your cell phone while driving, except if you are requesting emergency assistance.

It is illegal for you to text, talk, take pictures, go online, post on social media, or do anything else on your device when you should be paying attention to the road. Essentially, everything you can do with your phone is illegal to do while driving, and being caught doing it will add five points to your driving record—that is, if you are convicted.

Whatever the reason for your traffic ticket, contact a Manhattan traffic ticket lawyer to prevent or mitigate the number of points that are applied to your driving record. You never know what will happen down the road, so it’s best to be proactive and prevent points at every opportunity.

A Manhattan Traffic Ticket Lawyer Can Represent You

You don’t want to go before an administrative law judge unprepared. You need to have a strong defense in place, and you need to have evidence in order to back up what you are saying.

It can be difficult for someone who does not have experience with these matters to know how to build a case and gather evidence for the defense. This is why hiring a Manhattan traffic ticket lawyer is the single most effective way to improve your chances for a positive verdict.

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