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Yielding isn’t something that only applies to a “Yield” sign. A driver must yield the right-of-way in many instances. As a motorist in NYC, it’s important for you to know who has the right-of-way in various traffic situations.

Right-of-way rules are based on courtesy and logic, but most of all on safety. Unfortunately, courtesy is sometimes lacking in certain drivers, particularly at busy intersections and on congested roads. It may seem sometimes that you have to be assertive or you’ll never get anywhere—and sometimes that can lead to a failure to yield ticket.

What’s a Failure to Yield?

Many of us completed our driver’s education classes some time ago. It’s easy to forget certain details over time, and laws do change over time. Here’s a brief refresher on when a driver should yield:

Failing to Yield Lawyer NYC

  • When entering roadway from a driveway or other private property
  • At an intersection where you face a Stop or Yield sign
  • When turning left
  • At a rotary traffic circle or island (sometimes called a roundabout)
  • When approaching an intersection that is already occupied by a vehicle or pedestrian
  • At a pedestrian crosswalk

Drivers also must always yield to emergency vehicles, when approaching horses, and to a pedestrian who is more than 40 percent across a road.

Should You Pay a Failure to Yield Ticket?

Let’s be clear: paying a traffic ticket means you admit guilt, or at least do not contest the accusation of guilt. This means you have zero chance of escaping the associated fines, surcharges and points on your license.

By paying a NYC failure to yield ticket without contesting it in traffic court, you are basically giving away money you might not have to. While it’s certainly easier to write a check and mail it in with your ticket, that convenience can cost you more than you might think.

Costs of Disobeying a Yield Sign

The fine associated with a failing to yield ticket in New York City is only the beginning of the costs associated with this moving violation. By paying the ticket and admitting guilt, you ensure a conviction for failure to yield. This will result in:

  • A fine of $105 or more for a first offense (for the second offense within 18 months, this fine is doubled)
  • Possible point accumulation surcharges
  • Possible charges for driver responsibility assessment
  • Increased insurance premiums for up to three years

A single failure to yield ticket will add three points to your driver’s license for 18 months. Accumulating six points within 18 months will result in a $100 fine per year for three years, plus $25 per year of each additional point.

Accumulating 11 points within 18 months can result in suspension or revocation of your license—and the fees to reinstate your driving privileges are steep.

As you can see, the costs add up quickly. It is always in your best interest to contest a traffic citation, even if you are guilty of the offense. And when you do, working with an experienced NYC failing to yield lawyer can increase your chance for a favorable outcome.

Defenses for a Failure to Yield Ticket

If you spend any time driving around New York City, you probably realize you can’t always rely on other drivers to yield, as they should. It can be difficult to make a turn on a busy corner, especially where there are large numbers of pedestrians. It can be exasperating to do what you feel you must do, only to receive a ticket for failing to yield.

It can seem unfair when police cite you for failing to yield at a busy NYC street corner. Whether you didn’t realize someone else had the right-of-way or you simply made a poor judgment, that doesn’t necessarily have to cost you. Of course, it’s sure to cost you if you don’t contest the ticket.

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