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Brooklyn Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Most Brooklyn drivers are probably familiar with the New York State Driver Point System and how it can impact their right to drive a motor vehicle.

However, if you are new in town, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with this system immediately, so that you aren’t taken by surprise and lose your license.

Whether you’re a lifelong resident of Brooklyn or a recent transplant from somewhere else, you should fight any traffic ticket you receive. A Brooklyn traffic ticket lawyer can help throughout this process.

The New York State Driver Point System

Every New York driver needs to be aware of the point system and how it works. The system is relatively straightforward, and it allows the state to track each driver and determine whether he or she is a high risk for causing car accidents.

Not all states use points systems, so if you have moved here from somewhere else, you may be unfamiliar with how it works.

Essentially, the state assigns points to drivers as they are ticketed and convicted of driving infractions. Everything from talking on your cell phone while driving to speeding can add points to your record, gradually moving you closer and closer to the eleven-point mark.

The eleven-point mark is important because at this point, your license may be suspended. If you reach either eleven points within eighteen months or twelve points in three years, you will have your license suspended. This makes it critical to work with a Brooklyn traffic ticket lawyer who can fight every ticket you receive.

Your Exact Speed Matters

Different traffic infractions have different values in the NYS Driver Point System. For example, a rolling stop at a stop sign  or failure to yield can result in four points, while speeding violations, improper passing, and tailgating vary depending on how many miles over the speed limit the driver is travelling at.

If you were driving one to ten miles over the speed limit, three points will be added to your record. However, if you were going thirty-one miles over the speed limit, you will receive eight points for the one infraction.

How to fight a speeding ticket isn’t obvious, but it can be done. Your Brooklyn traffic ticket lawyer may be able to demonstrate that the equipment used to record your speed was either not accurate or had not been serviced recently. This may provide an opportunity to have the speeding infraction thrown out altogether. Even getting the charge reduced from thirty-one miles over to nineteen miles over results in a four-point difference between the two convictions, making it in your best interest to fight every charge.

Building Your Defense

Building a defense to fight a traffic ticket can be challenging, as the circumstances of many tickets often seem fairly clean-cut—and often in a way that is not in the driver’s favor.

Your Brooklyn traffic ticket lawyer will look for ways to find evidence that could demonstrate you did not commit the violation the officer ticketed you for. Difficult as this can be, it is worth the effort as it can prevent a conviction, thereby keeping points off your license.

Gathering Evidence

As your Brooklyn traffic ticket lawyer, I may be able to gather evidence proving it was not your fault you were technically disobeying traffic laws, but that it was instead the fault of either a car nearby or the road conditions. For example, if you did not brake appropriately on a slick road, that is not necessarily your fault—it could instead be the fault of the road conditions.

Unfortunately, it can be challenging to prove these aspects of your case, and that is why you should hire a Brooklyn traffic ticket lawyer immediately.

Some other possible defenses for traffic tickets include the following:

  • You weren’t the one driving (this only applies if you were ticketed due to a traffic camera taking a picture).
  • The road conditions caused your driving violation. This can be the case with wet and icy roads, as well as roads that are under construction or in disrepair.
  • Your car was having mechanical difficulties.
  • And more!

I will identify the best defense for your particular situation in order to receive the best possible outcome at your Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB) hearing. We will then work together to gather the evidence and build a case that proves your innocence.

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Never allow a traffic ticket to go uncontested. Every point on your license brings you that much closer to losing it completely.

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