Hire a Traffic Ticket Lawyer in New York City

If you’ve been busted speeding, what should you do? Should you wave a white flag and confess to the police? Of course not! What you should do is keep your mouth shut, and LAWYER UP.

My business line is my cellphone.
Call me now, I’m here to help you: 917-856-1247

I will make sure that all your legal rights are protected from beginning to end.

You need a NY traffic ticket lawyer that will be there for you when you need him.

I understand  that being a traffic violation attorney is not a 9-5 job where calls get returned hours later. I know you don’t want to speak with an answering service!

Before making any representation decisions, contact James Medows on his cell phone at 917-856-1247 for a free consultation.

If you’d like to do more research, visit https://plus.google.com/101519955777409330121/about and see what James’ clients have to say about him.  You won’t be disappointed.

Whatever you do, time is probably of the essence.  LAWYER UP NOW!

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